My understanding was the turbulence generator and a mild (to help the cabin crew avoid work) and extreme setting. Clearly this is a fake.


Översättningar av ord CHEMTRAILS från engelsk till svenska och exempel på användning av "CHEMTRAILS" i en mening med deras översättningar: is using 

NWO trying to prevent an ice age…. Possibly. Chemtrail clouds expand a thin layer like a temporary greenhouse that could be trapping heat. Among other sinister plans, one to kill us slowly the nice way.

Chemtrails plane

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BildredigerareSpara Komp  I det här avsnittet: Chemtrails, är det bara vanliga, missförstådda kondensspår eller är det något mer bakom fasaden? Hur uppstår spåren på  Goraguer Alain - La Planete Sauvage (Fantastic Plane. Goraguer Alain. 369 kr. LP. Antal: KÖP. Lägg i önskelista.

Detta är inte munstycken för spridning av chemtrails LÄS HÄR.

Ett plan som flyger förbi, det är spännande att se nummer och bokstäver, då kan jag kolla vem det är. A plane flying past, it's exciting to see the  2018-jan-16 - X-Wing är ett litet och väldigt snabbt pappersflygplan. Dess storlek gör det möjligt för dig att kasta det hårt och det flyger stabilt i luften. #sky #cross #himmel #kors #blue #blå #white #vit #cloud #clouds #moln #chemtrails #chemtrail #streck #line #lines #strimma #strimmor #kondensstrimma #  Inlägg om GLOBAL MARCH AGAINST CHEMTRAILS AND GEOENGINEERING skrivna av christalbum.

Chemtrails plane

Chemtrails. - i vems intresse? Del 2. Pia Hellertz. 2014. Efter den första artikeln i DSM 3/2014 är det flera läsare som hört av sig. Många var positiva och tackade 

För det första kommer inte strålarna från baksidan av jetmotorerna.

Chemtrails plane

It is believed by some that contrails, or a trail of condensed water from an aircraft at high altitude, are chemtrails that contain chemicals made to harm humans. These chemicals are supposedly put in these jets by the government for various goals such as for profit solar radiation management, weather 2020-12-01 · 🚨only government planes spray !! not boeing 747 or commercial airliners at same altitude! gov’t has now admitted they are spraying #chemtrails to promote global cooling🥶 it’s all lies!!! they are spraying you like a bug 🐜folks! ties into #5g too!

Chemtrails plane

In much of America, the sprayers do not even try. In areas where the spraying does occur, the trails vanish in a short while. The chemtrail program is now about 10% of what it was in the early days.

Inscrivez-vous sur Facebook pour communiquer avec Lana Rados et d'autres personnes que  Aviation Photo #2583763: McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31 - Ozark. Photo taken at Jacksonville - International (JAX / KJAX) in Florida, USA in 1980.
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5 Mar 2020 The wispy ice clouds formed by jet exhaust help trap heat near the Earth's surface. But small changes in altitude can dampen the effect.

You ought to be careful what kind of info you put out to the public. There are several photos that crop up on a daily basis on Facebook chemtrail groups with descriptions like "Chemtrail Plane Interior". These are almost all photos of pre-production test aircraft which are fitted with ballast barrels, although there are a few that are interiors of firefighting Chemtrails really do exist. Don't believe me? Check these out. By the end, you'll know the difference between chemtrails and contrails.

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They are the lines in the sky. Your subconscious knows them already. The word ‘chemtrail’ is an amalgamation of the words ‘chemical’ and ‘contrail.’ 🚨only government planes spray !! not boeing 747 or commercial airliners at same altitude! gov’t has now admitted they are spraying #chemtrails to promote global cooling🥶 it’s all lies!!!

The word ‘chemtrail’ is an amalgamation of the words ‘chemical’ and ‘contrail.’ Chemtrail debunkers claim that the chemtrails are simply frozen plane tracks, but they can't explain why normal planes flying through that same air at the same time don't leave any tracks at all. They also can't answer the question why this phenomenon has only been seen since halfway through the nineties and often can't be seen at all in thinly Chemtrails, short for chemical trails, are what some call the white trails you see left behind as a plane passes overhead. This plane also occasionally get brought up in chemtrail conspiracy groups: This is obviously not a contrail, it’s far too low and the trail is dropping too rapidly.